The testimonials below are actual quotes taken from e-mails and letters. To protect identities, the authors’ names have been abbreviated, as noted below.

Financial Elder Abuse, Recommendation of Unsuitable (Risky) Investments

Hi Monty— I do hope this finds you still well! This coronavirus isolation isn’t easy, is it? I wanted you to know that the check was delivered to my new brokerage firm this morning and has been deposited. This feels bitter-sweet. Sweet because the case has been completed successfully; bitter because I realize that I’ll miss checking emails to see if there has been something from you. You have been a very big part of my daily life for almost a year, and when I look back, I can feel only huge gratitude that I had this opportunity to work with you. You are one of a kind!! If ever there is a need to give you a referral, you can be certain I will do it without hesitation. Please accept my deep appreciation,

Fraud Case Against Major U.S. Bank:

WOW!!! Monty, this is amazing news! Time to break out the champagne for sure! I cannot even begin to express how much we appreciate all of your help with this. . . . We are so thankful that she referred us to you and that you agreed to work with us on this matter. We could not have hoped for a better outcome in the end.

Financial elder abuse case, failure to diversify, churning, underperformance:

Dear Monty, I just wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for ALL and EVERYTHING you have done for my parents. My Dad is sooooo much happier and less stressed since the case had been initiated and now closed. Your sincerity and hard work has made Dad a happy camper. You are not only a great lawyer but a special person, as well.

Financial elder abuse, failure to diversify, churning, underperformance:

Hi Monty: Briefly, you have done an extremely good job prosecuting our cause—I don’t think clients anywhere could have had a more dedicated, diligent and decent advocate than you. You gave it your all drawing upon your experience, expertise, and intellect. . . . Thank you once again for all your fine efforts on all our behalves.

Long Beach, CA-based businessman following settlement with major Wall Street firm:

Monty, It was a pleasure working with you and Theo. Both of you helped make a very unpleasant experience as agreeable as possible. Your commitment to the situation was truly evident. Your association with Theo clearly benefited our case. It was evident that you work exceptionally well together. We were the beneficiaries of that happy association. Thank you for your unceasing dedication to our case.

Employment case (wrongful termination, defamation) against brokerage firm:

Monty, You did such an excellent job of defending me all throughout this case that I feel confident that no matter what the panel comes back with, we did the best we could with what we had. I appreciate all your hard work and still am amazed at your relentless pursuit of justice for me. Please feel free to use us as a reference for any of your future clients. My sincere thanks, Debby.

E-mail sent by one client to another:

I searched for the right attorney and believe that with Monty Griffin we could not have found a better one.

Businessman, single-parent investor following pre-filing settlement with major Wall Street firm:

Thank you very, very much for the check I have received. I really enjoyed your professional handling in the mediation meeting. I would like to meet you whenever you have a time. Let me know and we can celebrate our success. Thanks again for your great help and with your expert experience and hard work it was possible. Thanking you sincerely, Dilip

Financial elder abuse case against major Wall Street firm:

You recommended Monty Griffin for a stockbroker malpractice matter back in August 2017. Monty did an exceptional job on an exceedingly difficult case. There is no doubt in my mind that very few attorneys would have even agreed to take on such a difficult case, let alone achieve the resolution that Monty obtained after considerable effort. Many heartfelt thanks for your thoughtful recommendation.

Senior Partner at Major Orange County Law Firm, Probate Litigation:

Amazing result. Thank you for taking the extra steps without charge to [client] or the Trust. Truly beyond the call of duty, and much appreciated.

Financial elder abuse case, churning:

I used attorney Montgomery Griffin in Newport Beach, CA on a financial elder abuse case against a brokerage firm [name omitted] for churning the elderly person’s account for commissions and fees. He did a great job.

Financial advisor client who was awaiting arbitrators’ decision after four-day arbitration:

Monty – I realize we don't yet know the outcome, but I am so appreciative of all of the work you did on my behalf. I can't imagine having a better advocate and no matter what happens, I will rest easy knowing damn well we did our absolute best.

Financial elder abuse case, lottery fraud:

Thank you, again, for all the many hours and hard work that you and Theo did to persuade [names omitted] to compensate me . . . . Though there were factors that made the case more difficult, I felt that your knowledge and experience made it worth a try. Thanks for both of you.

Fellow Attorney from Florida:

I've seen some of y'alls’ work product and I just wanted to say I know we don't get to work together but I really have a lot of respect for what y'all put together. A lot of lawyers (let's be honest) are pretty lazy with a lot of the technicals. Everything I've seen from y'all appears that you're top notch with how you handle your cases, so good work.

Fellow Attorney in Century City, CA wrote:

Glad to hear you are busy. I would love to pick your brain. You have been such a success and have such a great reputation among members of both sides of the bar. Any advice you might have would be greatly appreciated.

Elderly widow following settlement of her matter wrote:

Dearest Monty, Thank you for your kind words! You’re the one who accomplished this for me. I will forever be in your debt!!! With much appreciation and admiration.

Client with Ph.D. following settlement reached with major Wall Street firm prior to the filing of a case:

Dear Monty, Thank you for all of your help, your professionalism, and above all else your kindness.

Financial advisor following resolution of promissory note claim brought against him by major Wall Street firm:

Monty, I appreciate your thoughtful wishes. I will look forward to an opportunity to raise a glass with you anytime and hope that you have continued success with all the people that you help... They are lucky to have you as an advocate. Thank you for your time and guidance throughout!

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