FAQs — Quick Video Links

What is your background, and how does it relate to your work as a securities fraud attorney?

What type of law firm is the Law Offices of Montgomery G. Griffin?

How to you obtain new clients?

What are some of the most important legal duties financial advisors owe to their clients?

What types of clients do you represent in cases against financial advisors and their firms?

Does your firm accept certain cases on a contingency fee basis?

What is FINRA and how do FINRA arbitration procedures compare to the procedures for a lawsuit in court?

What should an investor do if they begin to believe that they have been misled or otherwise victimized by the broker?

What types of remedies are available for an investor who pursues an arbitration case?

Why don’t more investors come forward and bring cases for damages incurred in their investment accounts?

What is a “securities-based loan” and are they ever the basis for bringing a case against a brokerage firm?

Why is Monty Griffin the right attorney for an aggrieved investor?